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A Real All Inclusive Resort in the USA?

We get a lot of trip requests that look something like this: "Dear Agent, can you please send me a package quote for a trip to Hawaii? Here is what we want. We want a beachfront resort, flights, car rental and oh...we want it to be all inclusive." As soon we we hear that, we have to then explain that the United States is not an all inclusive destination and explain the reasons that is the case.

There are clear reasons we do not have an abundance of all inclusive options here in America. Costs are the biggest reasons. If you think about where most all inclusive resorts are found (i.e. Mexico, Jamaica and Punta Cana etc), it starts to make more sense. They are typically found and are being built in Countries with very very cheap labor and material costs. That is why someone can vacation at a resort for 7 nights with all the food and drinks included (basically 24/7) in Cancun and spend less than $4000.

The US labor costs and costs of materials and supplies make it very hard to operate an all inclusive in our Country that competes at the same price point as you can find in other parts of the Caribbean. BUT...never fear. Florida happens to have what we would consider to be the best domestic, luxury, adults only, all-inclusive option in the good ole USA.

In the town of Key Largo down in the Florida Keys sits a resort called "The Bungalows of Key Largo." This bungalow only, adult only resort is a true all inclusive. What do we mean by true you ask? Some resorts and hotels in the US like to advertise an "inclusive deal" where some meals are included and possibly non alcoholic beverages. They will use wording to make people think it is an all inclusive deal when it reality it is not. The Bungalows at Key Largo is priced as an all inclusive resort meaning once you are on their property and checked in, you don't need your wallet for breakfast, lunch or dinner or for any beverages during your stay, including alcoholic beverages. They do have charges for some specialty meals and some special beverage options, but so do most all inclusive resorts down in the Caribbean.

Client reviews have been incredibly positive so far so we do not hesitate to offer this true all inclusive resort option for those who want to travel, who prefer a luxury experience, but are not fond of international travel. The Bungalows at Key Largo are a great option now here in Florida and we would love to tell you more about it. Leave us a comment and/or question. Or...if you have been to this resort, tell us what you thought about it.


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