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About Us

The word Boutique usually conjures up the image of a small, service oriented business. Boutique clothiers focus on select brands and personal shopping service.  You visit them because you know they have something special to offer. That is the vision I have had from the inception of my travel agency. The word “boutique” kept entering my mind over and over and I knew clearly what I wanted to be just as much as I clearly knew what I did not want to be. My vision has never been to be the biggest or the cheapest when it comes to offering travel services to my clients. It has always been to simply be the best, and to me, the best means we offer unique travel experiences combined with the best service. Those two ingredients equip us to effectively work with the discerning luxury client. 


We know our clients want something different, not some cookie-cutter trip. We know that travel is more than getting from point A to B. We know it is more than some plain hotel room in some city. Our luxury clients want seamless travel combined with experiences, stories and memories that they can pass down to the next generation of traveler in their family. They want the dinner in a small hacienda-style family owned eatery in Cabo that the general tourist has no idea exists. They want to be able to see that bonsai tree farm in that remote area of Japan that few Westerners venture off into. They want that resort in Fiji that is only accessible by helicopter. They want the private dinner in the home of a Contessa in Italy. This is a sampling of what we offer our clients. And the attention to detail needed for these types of adventures can only be attended to when we are just as discerning of whom we bring on as clients. So while we understand the luxury client’s needs, those same clients need to know we choose to work with only those clients that are a true fit for our agency and our expertise. We are also just as discerning when it comes to the hotels, cruises and tour operators that we work at establishing relationships with.  We believe all of these factors go together to define what we refer to as “the art of luxury travel.” We are the canvas, the brushes and paint and the client and their trip become the masterpiece.  

~ Bryan Harris, Founder & Owner 
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