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1) Will you work with me even if it is not a luxury vacation?  

We work with those that appreciate the value we bring through our personal experience as well as extensive training. That means that we do not plan trips where we can offer no value such as a one night hotel-only stay or a trip where all someone is needing is domestic or international airfare or just a rental car etc. We are happy to refer someone to agencies that may be more of a fit for them. 


2) Will you always guarantee the lowest price?

We never guarantee the lowest price for any of our custom vacations. The vacations we sculpt for our clients are unique and prepared with each individual client in mind. The lowest price may not be the best options for our clients.  We focus on value, not cheap pricing. 


3) Are your vacation planning services free?

We feel you get what you pay for which means we never claim to be free and we discuss our fees upfront with each preferred client.  


4) Do you sell cruise vacations?

We do only if the cruise line meets the criteria that we set for each supplier we partner with. That can be discussed during the initial consultation and we can again refer someone to another agency if they prefer a cruise that does meet our standards.


5) How do you define luxury?

A luxury vacation is one where the client receives the best in service, accommodations, food as well as incredible and unique experiences etc.  Each client tends to have their own version of what a luxury vacation entails and we are equipped to meet those individual goals. 

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