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The Other Side of Mexico

So many travelers seem to think Cancun encompasses all of Mexico. When someone says, "we want to go to Mexico," they usually mean Cancun. Well I am here to officially inform you that Mexico is a great, big, incredible Country and extends well beyond the areas of Cancun. In fact...let me introduce you to the other side of Mexico...the Pacific side.

Now that I have personally been to the Pacific side 3 times (and a 4th visit is planned), I can say without a doubt that it is my favorite side. In my humbled opinion, it has so much more to offer than the Caribbean side of Mexico. Yes the Caribbean side has white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. So if you are a water person, you may be very content with only seeing the Caribbean side. But if you want culture, history and adventure as well as beautiful sunsets and a laid back atmosphere, then you must plan a visit to the Pacific side asap.

For example, San Jose del Cabo has the historic Mission de San Jose del Cabo dating back to 1730AD. You can participate in the art walk in San Jose del Cabo every Thursday night between June and November. Or visit Los Cabos during the winter and enjoy seeing humpback whales breech the water as you sip your morning coffee on your oceanfront balcony.

Or you can enjoy a walk through downtown Puerto Vallarta (PVR) and eat at one of the 5-star dining venues that has made PVR a foodies paradise. Wine connoisseur? Plan a trip to PVR in March and enjoy their annual wine fest.

Visitors to Zihuatanejo get taken back in time when it was small fishing village and life went by at a much slower pace. You can still go back in time as you walk the cobblestone streets. Maybe you enjoy museum visits when traveling abroad. If you do, then plan a visit to the Museo Arqueológico de la Costa Grande.

And we can't talk about the Pacific side of Mexico without talking about Acapulco. It is the original Mexico Riviera. It has been the home of the rich and famous for decades and still is. It is the "Vegas" of Mexico. Nightlife abounds along with the abundance of tours up into the rain forest or out and about on the blue waters of the Pacific. From Acapulco, you can plan a side trip up into the historic silver mining town of Taxco and still see Mexico as it was back during the colonial periods of its history.

So much to much to see. It is worth every minute of extra time that it might take you to fly into the cities I just mentioned. And I have not even touched on the geographical differences vs what pretty much all of Cancun and the Riviera Maya area looks like.

In the Los Cabos area, you have the beautiful and rugged desert mountains that look like they literally plunge down into the Sea of Cortez & Pacific Ocean. That is contrasted with the lush, green rain forests and palm-lined beaches of Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo.

So much diversity in every aspect of travel when you venture over to the Pacific side of Mexico. Please please don't overlook that part of Mexico when it comes to planning your next adventure. You will not be disappointed.

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