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I Left My Heart in Savannah

I know, that is not the right lyric but if you have ever visited Savannah GA, you will know what I mean. I completely understand why writers use it as a back drop for their novels. I know now why photographers flock to its squares. I am fully aware now why food shows shoot episode after episode there. I understand 100%. And I also understand why it is a city where romance blossoms.

It is everything a traveler could want out of a destination. It is steeped in so many centuries of history. Pirate stories, revolutionary and civil war stories make Savannah a historian's paradise. You see its history around every corner and on every step that you take down one of its cobblestoned streets.

I could go on and on but what I want to do is give you an idea of how to spend a weekend in this southern gem.

First...try to stay somewhere along Bull Street. The Mansion on Forsyth Park offers a very unique experience with a very eclectic design in the main hotel building which is juxtaposed against the historic mansion adjacent which houses the hotel's main restaurant and lounge. Or you can choose to stay at he Hilton Savannah DeSoto which is also located on one of the historic squares, but closer to the main downtown area of Savannah. Or maybe you prefer smaller, boutique hotels. If that is the case, try a few nights at the Eliza Thompson House which too is situated right on one of the 6 parks/squares that are along Bull Street.

Once you are situated in your hotel, get out and walk. Don't take a shuttle, don't call a cab...walk. Walking is by far the best way to enjoy Savannah over a weekend. Walking allows you to stop and savor what you are really seeing with your own eyes. And make sure your phone/camera has plenty of storage space. You will want to snap a pic of literally everything you are seeing. So as you are walking, you will notice the small, local pubs and bistros that go from Forsyth Park all the way down to Bay Street. Pick one and enjoy an awesome dinner. One with a fun atmosphere for your first night would be the Six Pence Pub. Try the shrimp and corn chowder (if available) or the crab cakes. And get yourself a pint. Its an English Pub for Pete's sake. Finish the night with a historic tour via a horse carriage and take in the romance of a southern night.

The next morning, wake up and head down to the "Arts Cafe" which is affiliated with the Savannah College of Art and Design. A piece of Savannah History resides inside. It was such a refreshing alternative to a heavy, southern-fried breakfast. Healthy eating and the south can go together and they do well at the Arts. You can't miss it. Just look for the big red bus inside and ask about it while you are there.

Now that you did not have a heavy, painful breakfast, enjoy some more walking around and take in some of the many boutique decor and clothing shops along Bull Street and within two blocks on either side of Bull Street such as One Fish, Two Fish or Folklorico. After you have shopped and explored...take a break at the Crystal Beer Parlor and act like a local because this is a local's watering hole. Take time to read the menu on the outside of the building and you will appreciate what you are about to step into.

Then...go back to your hotel and take a breather and prepare yourself for one of the most confusing, yet pleasurable dining experiences of your life. You might want a shuttle or pedicab ride to get to this next dining experience since it is down on Bay Street. And please don't confuse this place with some of the other more touristy options down in that area of town. Bay Street is where you can find all of the souvenir shops and other tourist-oriented activities, but surely you can see that this itinerary is leaning heavily towards the local scene in Savannah. And the Treylor Park is nowhere (currently) on the tourist's radar. As we sat and ate our PB & J chicken wing appetizer, we noticed it was filled with the younger, local demographic and yes...I said PB&J chicken wings. Just go with it. Hope you get there thirsty because the beer and bar menu is something you need to venture into. Then load up with the chicken pancake tacos. Yep, you heard me correctly again. That is fried chicken strips inside a savory pancake topped with some form of strawberry concoction that made me want to reenact the scene from When Harry Met Sally. So go and enjoy my friends. You will want to tell everyone about the transcendent food experience you just had and they won't get it until they too head to Savannah to hitch up at the Treylor Park.

So after your brain catches up with your stomach, enjoy a leisurely stroll back up Bull Street and make a stop at The Public Kitchen and Bar and have their mixologists whip you up something real nice and again enjoy feeling a part of the neighborhood. you have come to the last morning. I say head to 700 Drayton which is inside the mansion section of the Mansion on Forsyth Park Hotel. Their omelet and pancakes were incredible. Service was a tad slow but we had to remind ourselves that we were in the south and southerners tend relax more and enjoy life so sit back, take in the ambience of the restaurant, sip your coffee and let Savannah take your heart one last time (like it did mine) before heading back home.

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