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You Are Now Free To Move About

Big big news came out the week of this writing. Basically the last of the initial Covid travel restrictions and protocols has been lifted and now everyone is free to travel when and where they want without any need to test to come back into the US. This SHOULD mean that airlines and travel companies will soon see a large uptick in travel reservations. But will they?

While the travel industry has been given some good news over the past 90 days (i.e. no more masks on planes, no more testing etc.), other economic factors are still playing into overall travel demand. I am sure everyone has already noticed the additional money gas stations are taking from your wallet. Well...don't think that those same higher costs are not effecting the airlines and airline fares, because they are.

The higher costs of fuel and airfare are for sure having an impact on demand and will continue to do so. But we expect a demand increase nonetheless. So many folks have been sitting with their vacation funds in place and all they have been waiting for is the last of the restrictions to be lifted. And now they finally are.

So where will we see the most demand? Mexico has been the clear winner over the past 2 years. Demand has been high and we expect it to continue to be high and even higher now. The same goes for Punta Cana and other all inclusive destinations that have already lifted all of their incoming protocols and restrictions. But what about Europe?

We feel Europe will be where the next travel boom takes place. Many European Countries are also lifting their last remaining restrictions and protocols. This should give some travelers renewed confidence to plan a much more involved vacation where tours and guides are a bigger part of the planning process.

But again...demand is effected by a lot of things and one of the biggest things is the cost. So we eagerly wait to see what is going to happen. We have all but missed this year's summer season for Europe, but next year's planning is already starting so stay tuned and we will come back in a future article and let you know how it's going.

P.S. This news only applies to US or international passport holders coming INTO the USA. Please check with other Countries for any specific travel requirements they may still have.


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