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It's Been a Year??

It is hard to fathom that this post is exactly one year from our previous post. How on earth did a year fly by that quickly? Well anyways here we are a year later and the world of travel is still as turbulent as it was a year ago. As soon as we thought things had settled some, we were all hit with last year's Holiday flight fiasco. Then things settled some more and boom...more flight woes as we fell into Summer. If it were not for all of the flight and airline issues, we would most likely see travel back to more like it was pre-2020. But nevertheless....the airline woes continued and we have had one DOOZY of a first half of the year and there is not much pointing to anything improving with the airlines.

When flights cancel or get delayed, it trickles down to every other aspect of someone's vacation. Hotels, car services, and even tours need to be changed, canceled etc. And that is exactly what we have experienced. Couple airline woes with hotel and other travel-related services having issues now with hiring and keeping employees and we have the perfect storm.

But this is where travel agents shine. Our clients know that they do not travel alone. While travel agents have little control over any airline issues, we can help minimize the stress and worry that naturally comes after clients have flight trouble. We can help change the hotel dates or reschedule the tours or rearrange car services or train tickets etc.

So while we do not see any immediate improvements to the travel landscape over the next 6 months or so, we are ready and prepared to make our client's vacation dreams still become a reality.


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