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The Modern Travel Agent

Awhile back I had written a post with the intent of answering a lot of questions that we receive frequently which really boil down to this one..."what is the difference between using you or going on the internet and doing it myself?" I focused that post on explaining who we are as modern day travel agents. Please feel free to go back and revisit that article at your leisure. But I feel a part 2 is required because we still get asked a lot of questions that lead me to believe that a lot of potential customers have no real idea of what we do and how we work & benefit them when it comes to travel planning.

So instead of focusing again on who we are, lets focus this article and who we are NOT.

1. We are NOT cyber robots. That seems obvious but when people compare us living and breathing professional travel consultants to the likes of Booking.goodluckwithgettingwhatyouthoughtyoupaidfor and cyber gnomes, it makes me think the obvious is not so obvious. When you call or email or text or do a face to face visit with us, you are speaking to real people who have real families and live in real homes just like you do.

2. We are NOT order takers. We do not encourage our clients to do all the work and all the research and spend countless hours on hoards of websites perusing scores of travel options and then simply take what they want and hit the "book it" button. Instead, we do all of the work, spend our time and energy scouring the resources we use, as professionals, to find that perfect vacation that fits what our clients told us they wanted out of that perfect vacation and then we send that perfect option to the client for their final approval before anything is ever booked.

3. We are NOT the cheapest option. Many will come to talk to us only because they think or they have heard that travel agents are cheaper than the internet. While some travel agents attempt to buy a client's loyalty by offering kickbacks or huge discounts, we are not that agency. We offer the best value. Value is very different than cheap. If someone is looking for the cheapest option, then there are countless websites saying they are the cheapest which means no one will really know if they received the cheapest price. Do you pick your Dr's based on them being the cheapest? Do you pick your lawyers or financial planners because they said they were guaranteeing to be the cheapest? We don't expect you to choose to work with us because we are the cheapest either.

Modern travel agents are again thriving because of the things we are as well as the things we are not. Clients are coming to us because we save time and energy. They are coming to us because they trust our knowledge and experience and can offer ideas that they may never have thought of. They are coming to us because they appreciate our service and love knowing we are THEIR agents, not the resort's or the cruise line's or the tour operator's etc.

So are you wanting to take a dream vacation and don't know where to begin with the search process or can't seem to pull the trigger because you are overwhelmed with countless options and opinions from friends and online reviewers? Search out a professional travel consultant and let us show you why you will never want to try to book a vacation without our help again.

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