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Travel Trends for 2016

A new year is upon us. New years bring new beginnings and new opportunities. Maybe you are one of those persons that like the newness of the new year. Maybe you like to think about doing things you have never done or seeing places you have never seen. Well the travel industry is well equipped this year to offer everyone something new and exciting. Here are some examples of what is hot for 2016.

1) Cuba. This destination has been making the news now for quite some time but it is still very misunderstood. It is not "open" to tourism as some headlines make you think. But it is accessible through the right tourism channels. Now is the time to investigate those channels before it does become more open and more hotels and resorts descend upon the pristine beaches staking their claim for the future.

2) The "other side of Mexico." Major hotels and luxury resorts are seeing the potential in places like Cabo San Lucas and Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa. These are still destinations where you can escape the larger crowds that flock to the Caribbean side of Mexico. Hotels to consider are the new The Cape in Cabo and Capella in Ixtapa. Enjoy some of the most gorgeous sunsets and beautiful beaches found anywhere in the world.

3) Experiential Travel. More and more travelers are weary of the same old same old when it comes to vacationing. Sitting on a beach with an umbrella drink was fun the first 5 or so times, but thanks to social media, more travelers are seeing that there are exciting experiences awaiting them out in the big old world. So travelers are now looking for their vacations to be one of a kind experiences that they can brag about to their friends via sites such as Instagram, Snapchat etc. This makes destinations such as Costa Rica or Guatemala places that are seeing increases in tourism.

4) Year of the Dragon. I am using that phrase generically to show that so many areas of Asia are on the radar now for 2016. When large luxury hoteliers such as St Regis or the Four Seasons start building new properties in areas, you know that they are seeing trends that are making these destinations the next hot area. Such is the case with Japan, China and Korea. If you have been to Hawaii, you are already half way there.

5) River Cruising. No longer are river cruises for those that carry certain cards to get certain benefits because of their birth dates falling before a certain year. Get what I mean? Tour companies such as Tauck and Disney are seeing that river cruising is for all age groups within a family. It is one of those vacations where grandma, grandpa, mom, dad and son and daughter can all go together and have something enjoyable to see and do during the vacation. This means that staterooms, menus and activities are all being designed to cater to all ages and families are seeing this as a great opportunity for the whole group to get together for a once in a lifetime vacation.

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