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The Babymoon

Most everyone has heard of and knows the term babymoon these days. It's become almost as popular as the honeymoon in a couple's journey together. Don't get me wrong, we still get more honeymoon requests than we do babymoon requests. Not every couple who has just married lives with the assumption that children of their own must follow in the natural progression of their relationship. But for those that do want to start a family, the babymoon is now almost a must-do for those active couples that spent a better part of their dating or single lives traveling the country and abroad. Couples are quickly realizing what having 1 or more children can do to the travel plans and for sure the travel budget and they see a window of time to quickly get in one more vacation before bottles need warming and diapers start need changing. That one last trip is now know as...the babymoon.

Destinations, resorts and tour operators are starting to see the opportunity for this special type of celebration, so to speak, and they are marketing in various ways to capture this somewhat new market segment. Bermuda is making sure expecting moms and dads know that their destination is Zika-free. They have done such a great job that we counted at least 20 expectant mothers during our recent stay at the Rosewood Tucker's Point. The bartender that we chatted with said he had to create an entire menu of "mocktails" so they could offer a wide variety of non-alcoholic drink concoctions to their mom-to-be guests.

The new Rosewood Puebla in the heart of colonial Mexico (another zika-free option) actually offers guests a "Babymoon Experience" where guests receive birth month tags, a baby napkin, rattle and socks and wide selection of teas for mom. Yep, it's a popular trend now to say the least.

So we want to offer some babymoon ideas for those looking to get away from it all before baby-makes-three, or four, or five.

1) Bermuda. As we just mentioned, Bermuda has really been emphasizing the fact that they are a Zika-free destination. That is probably the first requirement we are given when babymooners come to us for ideas. The news has really kept Zika in the forefront of expectant parent's minds so many travelers ask us if a certain place is Zika-free. Since Bermuda offers tropical weather, palm-laden beaches and crystal clear, and blue waters, it tops the list. The additional fact that it is a short 1 hour, 45 minute flight from most major east coast airports, makes it a great choice as well.

2) Universal Orlando Parks and Resorts. Wait...what did you just type? That's right, Universal Orlando is the perfect babymoon destination. They have 3 incredible deluxe onsite resorts that are truly destination resorts, meaning you could just go to the resort itself and have an awesome time due to their incredible pools, food and entertainment and even spa options. Throw in the fact that you can walk from those same three resorts into City Walk or the two parks that make up Universal Orlando (Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios) and you have the makings of a truly wonderful babymoon. The parks are beautiful to walk around even if some of the attractions are not recommended for expectant moms. And City Walk offers an abundance of shopping venues. Trust us on this one. It really is a great place for couples that have yet to have that little one in tow.

3) Walt Disney World. heard us correct again. We just recommended Walt Disney World as a babymoon destination. Think about it. At WDW, the cost of the trip is really skewed towards the cost of the tickets to enter the parks. So when there is just two of you, that is the time to go. Again, WDW offers some incredible deluxe resorts onsite that also include 5 star dining, spa treatments, resort pools etc. And don't forget that Four Seasons now offers a wonderful option that is actually on Disney property. It is the perfect option for adults who love Disney and who are still a party of 2. So take in some park time in the morning and enjoy being to go and do what YOU want to do, not what your 3 or 4 year old wants etc and then head back to your 5 star resort for some pool time and R&R. It may be the last time you and your significant other get a chance to ride an actual Disney attraction together. So go and enjoy it in a way that may never be possible again.

4) San Miguel de Allende. This colonial gem of a city lies in the mountainous area of central Mexico away from Zika-prone areas of the Caribbean. It is a foodie and shoppers paradise. It's all that Europe has to offer minus the long flight and jet lag. San Miguel boasts of one of the highest standards of living in all of Mexico and is home to two of our favorite luxury hoteliers, Belmond and Rosewood. It is truly a place for a short getaway and one of the most scenic cities in all the world. From rooftop bars to 15th/16th Cathedrals to high fashion, San Miguel can appeal to everyone, especially adults looking for a sans-child getaway.

So there you have it. There are our top 4 ideas for a babymoon getaway. Are these all there are when it comes to babymoon options? Certainly not, but these are hard to beat when it comes to proximity to most of our clientele. Most babymoons are shorter in duration so ease of getting there becomes a high priority. Most expectant moms shy away from long flights which is why we feel these 4 ideas make for great babymoon options.

Contact us if you have questions or for sure leave a comment telling us your thoughts about our 4 ideas.

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