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Supplier Spotlight: Tauck

Not all tour operators are created equal. When someone sits down with a travel professional to start planning their European or Australian or African tour, options are usually presented that fit with a client's budget, timeframe and overall vacation goals. Some client's budgets are more flexible than others yet some may hesitate to go with the tour operator that is the agent's top choice simply because it is higher priced.

Well please know that not all tour operators are created equal. The one I am going to spotlight takes tours to a level that is hard to surpass. Tauck Tours has fast become my number one choice for my clients. Do all of my tour operators provide good service? Yes. Do they all provide clean and safe accommodations? Yes. Do they all offer a knowledgable guide and comfortable transportation? Yes. But the memories made during a trip of a lifetime are in the details and that is where Tauck sets itself apart.

Everyone can offer a tour of Italy, but not everyone touring Italy will get a chance to eat with a Contessa in her private villa. Everyone can take a tour of France, but not everyone can have dinner at a private country estate in châteaux country with a hunting hound demonstration in full regalia. Everyone can go on an African safari, but not everyone can offer their child a chance to walk with an elephant during lunch at an elephant sanctuary. Those are some of the Tauck differences.

But the biggest differences to me are when clients come home from a Tauck tour and can't wait to tell you what they experienced. The biggest difference is when clients say, "We will never ever allow you to sell us anything else but Tauck." And the absolute biggest difference is when a client tells you the following stories related to their Tauck guide going the extra mile:

"Our guide knew that our family was related to a famous sculptor/painter from a small town in Italy and one night we came back to our room where a small gift was packaged and waiting on our bed. The guide had found a local bookstore where they had two copies of a book related to our ancestors work. He bought the books, gift wrapped them and had them sent to our rooms."

That same client went on to tell me another story about how their guide went above and beyond and had paid attention to every little detail. The client went on to say, "We have been on good tours, but nothing compares now to our Tauck tour. It was incredible."

When clients return and give you reports like that, it makes our jobs so worth it and it solidifies the decision to make Tauck our number one choice for guided tours throughout the world. It's seldom that I spotlight one tour operator over another, but in this case, Tauck gets a huge tip of the cap from me.

Contact me and let me show you how Tauck can help you see the world in a way like no other tour company can.

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